Venetian blinds With Tapes

Venetian Blinds available in Wood, Faux Wood or Aluminium with Tapes

A Venetian blind is a type of window covering made up of horizontal slats, typically made of metal, wood, or plastic, suspended by cords that allow the slats to be tilted or raised or lowered. These blinds are popular for several reasons.

They offer excellent control over privacy and light. By adjusting the angle of the slats, occupants can regulate the amount of light entering the room while maintaining privacy. This versatility makes them suitable for various settings, from bedrooms to offices.

Fine Fit’s Venetian blinds compliment a wide range of décor with contemporary and bold colours or with the timeless elegance of warm real woods. At Fine Fit we guarantee quality blinds to suit all budgets with faux and real wood ranges to our exclusive santa fe rangeTM range.

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Blind fitter discussing blind installation with customer
Venetian blinds custom fitted in a bedroom
faux wood blinds in bright setting

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